Four Years....Really?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's been four years since I wrote the first post on this little blog.  Really? Where did those four years go? So much has happened in the last four child graduating from college and getting their first jobs, one child beginning college...then transferring to start a new jobs, old jobs again....a lot.

It's 2015 now and it's been a while since I visited my little blog.  I don't know if I just lost the motivation to share, if I just felt that no one was listening....maybe it was just the day to day life that took my time away, but I am here again to share.  Maybe I will just be sharing with my close friends and family.  That's ok.

This will be a big year...I will turn 50 this year. Good grief. Our youngest will graduate from college.  And who knows what else we are in store for.  But it seemed like a good year to document things. A year to be grateful for so much.  I mean you only turn 50 once right? And these days if I don't write down those favorite recipes, DYI projects and special events I will probably forget them.

So this blogging year is for me and hopefully if you read this you will find something to help you along the way too! Thanks for coming along for my big 5-0 year.

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